The heart of Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview will always maintain a pastoral beat – what we call cura personalis. We remain committed to the welfare and best interests of the young men entrusted to our care. While their classrooms and facilities may change in the coming years, the quality of teaching and genuine pastoral care never will.

Research has established the connection between student well-being and student achievement, and at Riverview, these connect in the House system. From the moment they enter secondary school until the moment they graduate, every boy in the College has a place of safety and connection. In the best of the Ignatian tradition, each student is asked to be a man for others, mentoring and looking out for the younger boys who enter the House.

While each House currently has a homebase within the College, we look forward to offering even better facilities as part of the Ignis Project – spaces that will continue to help students cultivate and live out a sense of belonging, with amenities that offer greater comfort and stewardship within that space.