28 May 2018, marked a significant day in Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview’s history as our students moved into the brand new Therry Building. As the frontispiece of the Ignis Project, the new Therry Building is striking and modern in aesthetic, and designed to house agile, interactive and multi-modal learning facilities.
Comprising 24 contemporary learning spaces with natural light and flexible open areas, the new Therry Building is home to four faculties, equipped with generous staff areas and six House areas to ensure complementarity between teaching and pastoral care, with facilities for support, counselling, learning and socialising. An upgrade of surrounding landscapes has also seen better integration with its surrounds and a sense of space, while providing further opportunities for outdoor learning.

The opening of the new Therry building in 2018 marked the beginning of the Ignis Project, an exciting new era at Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview.

“This building represents an evolution of Riverview’s approach to learning… we need to ensure that our approaches to learning provide the right skills for our young people to manage their world, and more for us, as Ignatian educators, we want our young people to be prepared to change the world.

Our vision here is very clear. We are reshaping Riverview into a centre of learning which is innovative, creative and ready for the next 20 years of teaching and learning.”

Russell Newman, Deputy Principal Teaching & Learning

Therry Building Timelapse FINAL from Saint Ignatius College Riverview on Vimeo.