PMDL Architects

We are a team of creative problem solvers with a shared vision. It is the rigour of our thinking that sets us apart – analytical, strategic and creative.

We bring a unique perspective and insight to each project, based on our experience and specialist expertise. This enables us to bridge the gap between our client’s vision and needs and the project’s realisation. We draw on our combined skills, which injects value and creative opportunity at every step of the journey.

Business is about people. We are passionate about investing in trusted client relationships. This enables us to deliver bespoke design solutions that work to enrich our client’s projects and the end users’ lives and experiences.

We are committed to working together to deliver results that consistently surpass expectations, working to make a significant difference to how everyone uses, experiences and enjoys inhabited spaces. PMDL has grown in both scale and reputation for in excess of twenty years. We have studio locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong, working as one design practice. We work collaboratively and draw on our broad team expertise and experience from across our studios.

By assembling creative professionals with a team bias and complementary skills we have a demonstrated ability to respond to a wide variety of design challenges and projects.

Education facility and campus design must draw from the world beyond school, and indeed learn from workplace, leisure, hospitality and retail initiatives to ensure relevancy and engagement, strengthening a sense of place. Through our long term involvement and commitment in the education sector we have genuine expertise and a unique depth of experience to bring to our clients and the realisation of their projects.

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Arcadia Landscape

Arcadia Landscape Architecture is a talented team of landscape architects and urban designers focused on designing world class landscapes.

Fast consolidating a reputation as one of Sydney’s leading education landscape designers, Arcadia uses their expertise and research in student behaviour and systems to design landscapes which ensure the best outcomes for teaching and learning.  Arcadia has worked with many of Sydney’s leading schools including Monte Sant’ Angelo, MLC and Riverview to design external spaces that facilitate spaces for social and educational experiences.

For Riverview, Arcadia is working with architects PMDL on a masterplan for the senior school campus. The masterplan will provide a framework for the future physical development of the College on the current Lane Cove campus, to enable the best spaces for education and student development, as well as ongoing support for the broader Riverview community. The Masterplan includes outdoor learning spaces and strategies to ensure sustainability in the existing and new landscape elements. This will include WSUD processes, the adoption of native vegetation and energy reduction tree planting.

Arcadia’s approach links site opportunities with client needs through a thorough understanding of the physical and social environments in which they are working. Their planning and design solutions integrate function with site responsive design form to express identity and a direct connection to the place.

Arcadia embraces a rigorous design process to ensure they provide attractive, functional, cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions for clients through a combination of research, consultation, experience, technology, and innovative design.

Committed to achieving high quality outcomes in terms of design and the environment, Arcadia works continuously to ensure that we are pioneers of the developments within the industry across design, technology and construction methodology, in order to provide our clients with the best possible opportunities.

Through landscape architectural research, consultation and experience, Arcadia endeavours to design outdoor spaces which create profound and lasting connections between people, space, and the environment.

Arcadia brings extensive experience within the design sector of the construction industry to their clients. Through this extensive experience, Arcadia’s expertise spans across all phases of landscape architectural project delivery from concept design and design development through to tender and construction documentation and construction supervision.




Atomic 3D

Atomic 3D is one of Australia’s leading boutique architectural visualization and animation studios. Led by the creative vision of Director Scott Ballis, the visionary team of 3D artists, animators and interior designers takes a fresh and innovative approach to their work. Atomic 3D strives on today’s modern challenges. For over 16 years it has been answering client’s requests to curate unique imagery and animations by producing powerful and effective visualization solutions to complex architectural and marketing challenges.




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