The Project Scope

Currently, we stand at the early stages of the Ignis Project, which is expected to span up to three decades, spaced out to minimise disruptions to classes and the everyday operation of the campus. As a reflection of the College’s commitment to a holistic approach in encouraging student development, the Project encompasses five defined precincts which provide the infrastructure and physical framework to underpin the educational and pastoral program at the College.

Teaching and Learning

The rectilinear rooms of the past are being replaced by open, flexible learning spaces which cater for the specialised and changing needs of contemporary learning. This approach is designed to encourage collaboration, connection and critical thinking. Stage One of the Ignis Project saw this vision come to life in the new Therry Building, which is designed to promote multiple learning modes that enable these new pedagogies to be employed effectively and authentically; preparing and equipping students to face the future.

Other buildings in this precinct will include the Wallace Building, O’Neil Wing and Doyle Wing.


Cultural and Spiritual

The new Heritage Centre is set to be the finest school museum and archive in Australia, providing an accessible, living, breathing source of history. Situated in the historic Saint Michael’s House, it will provide students and teachers with a resource that complements the curriculum, while playing an integral role in preserving and celebrating the history of the College.

This precinct will include the Arrupe Building and St Michael’s House.



Central communal hubs are set to reinforce the pastoral core of the College with inviting ‘homebases’ for students, catering to the House system. Students and mentors will have welcoming spaces to meet, reflect, socialise and belong. The hubs also allow the rationalisation of other practical concerns, including catering, maintenance, sports facilities and other important College activities.



The three current boarding facilities – Charles Fraser House, St John’s House and Kevin Fagan House – will be consolidated into a single and defined boarding precinct with new accommodation for all boarders. Replete with lounging and TV space, game and recreation areas and kitchen facilities, the boarding precinct will move to the next level of being a home away from home.



An upgrade of existing sporting and recreational facilities will include new basketball courts, consolidation of main playing fields and upgrade of support facilities including the Father Mac Grandstand. Quality recreation space for the learning precinct will also be designed to connect with the sports and recreation precinct.


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