The Ignis Project: Go, set the world on fire

The Ignis Project commenced in December 2016 as Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview’s largest consolidated building program since its foundation in 1880. Building on the College’s rich history of providing an inspiring and holistic Jesuit education, the Ignis Project is the culmination of years of planning with a vision to enhance the landscape of learning and prepare for the future.

"Jesuit education has been successful across many cultures because it has adapted to the environment of learners. Today, Jesuit education continues to embrace change in appropriate ways, ensuring that [it] meets the needs of modern learners, developing people who themselves will strive to contribute meaningfully to the world."

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ, Former Superior General of the Society of Jesus

At its core, the Ignis Project is not simply about the physical buildings and campus planning. The striking architecture, sustainability engineering, impressive technological enhancements – all of these are simply a means to an end.

At Riverview, we understand the ultimate goal to be the shaping of the hearts and minds that are housed within the campus. The generations of young men who will be inspired to lead lives larger than themselves, to become men for others, grounded in values of justice, service, discernment, conscience and compassion. The College aims to produce young men who are cognisant of, and responsive to, the desperate need for positive global citizenship in our rapidly changing world.

We stand at the nexus of an exciting point in history, as the past is juxtaposed against the endless possibilities of the future. At Saint Ignatius College Riverview, we face this prospect with measured confidence, a solid work ethic, a passion for innovation and deep regard for the young men who are entrusted to our care. The words of Saint Ignatius that resound within the College challenge us daily to help develop young men who will make a better world:

Ite, inflammate omnia – “Go, set the world on fire.”