Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview strives to honour the promise of its founding as a place where each student can realise his highest potential. The wisdom and values of our Jesuit heritage ground Riverview students in a unique identity and remarkable tradition. The bold vision of our educational mission inspires our students to discover their own gifts and exhorts them to contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

The comprehensive redesign of Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview – The Ignis Project – begins with our learning and teaching environments. We aim to build a multifaceted landscape of learning that taps into every student’s natural sense of curiosity and discovery, where every classroom becomes a hub of collaborative and creative energies on campus, magnifying the deeper, more enduring and applied learning that will help our students to succeed beyond our gates.

Drawing upon our deep roots, innovative tradition and sense of purpose, the College is reimagining today our role as an educational thought leader in the future. The Ignis Project is critical to the full realisation of Riverview’s instructional philosophy, which must equip students to succeed in, and improve, a changing world.

Jesuit colleges have flourished over four centuries by retaining core values that are expressed in different ways. Since its humble beginnings in 1880, Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview has been a paradigm of this ethos. Today, heeding Fr José Mesa SJ’s (Fr General’s Secretary for Schools) warning against schools becoming ‘museums’, the Ignis Project is a step towards accommodating and evolving for the future, as the College meets the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century with the same creative spirit that marked its founding.